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The Recovery

  • Limit the budget deficit to 4% within 3 years, cut the electricity deficit to zero within 2 years, and rationalize the public sector employment policy.
  • Overhaul and enumerate the losses of “Banque du Liban”, redirect its focus back to its core mission of maintaining currency stability and financial soundness in the banking sector, and gradually adopt a floating exchange rate.
  • Reform the banking sector by encouraging consolidation, protecting small depositors, and ensuring the financial needs of citizens and the economy are met.
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Home of the People

  • Implement the AFAAL program to fight extreme poverty through direct cash transfers.
  • Secure universal health insurance coverage using a system that utilizes mandatory, state-issued Healthcare Cards.
  • Introduce fiscal incentives regarding rents and fee payments to reduce the number of vacant residential apartments.
  • Reinforce twinning projects between private and public schools.
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Economy of Tomorrow

  • Create 30,000 job opportunities every year through an investment plan in food and pharmaceutical industries and in the digital, creative, and tourism sectors.
  • Finance production sectors with funds from deposits in Lebanon and capital from Lebanese expatriates and international development agencies.
  • Establish an independent municipal credit fund to develop Lebanon's regional economy according to local characteristics and foster cooperation between municipalities.
  • Set up special economic zones (artificial intelligence, digital economy,...) to drive innovation and increase exports.
  • Develop vocational training in partnership with the private sector and facilitate the integration of trainees into the labor market.
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Time of Justice

  • Call for judicial assistance from the United Nations in the Beirut Port Explosion investigation.
  • Cooperate with international bodies to freeze the accounts of corrupt officials and recoup embezzled funds that have been transferred abroad.
  • Prevent any Lebanese politician from taking part in any tender or public procurement, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Limit the Military Tribunal jurisdiction to the individuals and purposes it was designed for.
  • Impose the independence of the judiciary and strengthen oversight agencies
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Smart Cities, Sustainable Villages

  • Implement the digitization program (high-speed Internet and 5G) and supply Internet access to every home and institution.
  • Expand the prerogatives of municipalities in financial and developmental areas and automate administrative services.
  • Execute a rapid public transport program in cooperation with international institutions.
  • Set up a regional waste treatment plan based on sorting and recycling instead of adopting incinerators and develop “green energies.”
  • Upgrade the water supply network, rationalize consumption, and use modern irrigation techniques.
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Power to the People

  • Promote local participation in managing the affairs of regions, cities, and villages through administrative and financial decentralization and establish elected councils for Cazas.
  • Ensure citizens’ rights to access information by obliging all public institutions to automatically post it on their websites.
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Lebanon is My Identity

  • Approve a draft law for a Personal Status civil code.
  • Establish the Lebanese Senate.
  • Broaden the powers of the Election Supervisory Body and increase its human and logistical capabilities.
  • Lower the voting age to 18 years.
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A Neutralized Sovereign State

  • Develop a defense strategy by equipping the army with high-quality weapons from all available sources.  
  • Limit arms in the hands of Lebanese legitimate armed forces.
  • Enforce security measures and impose the rule of law on all the Lebanese territory.
  • Adopt Lebanon's neutralization from all regional conflicts and pursue an active diplomacy that restores its leading role and breaks out its isolation.
  • Set up an international humanitarian and carefully devised plan with relevant actors to ensure the return of Syrian refugees.
  • Reaffirm the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their land and refuse their resettlement inside Lebanon.
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A Women's Nation

  • Represent one of the two genders by 50% in municipal and parliamentary candidacy, as well as in ministerial portfolios and first category administrative positions.
  • Right of Lebanese women to pass on their nationality to their children.
  • Prevent the marriage of minors and fight violence against women.
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