Prosperous, Green and Fair Lebanon: Achievable.

The Lebanese National Bloc is a secular party working to build a citizenship-based nation, through practical political reforms.

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Our Vision: 

Prosperous, Green, and Fair Lebanon.


Prosperous Lebanon

Quality education for all, an economic strategy with a focus on technology, transparent and fair taxation, investment in oil & gas resources, solid foreign policies that create strong bonds with the diaspora, and defense policies that reinforce security and trust.

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Green Lebanon

Strict environmental policies and investments in renewable resources, eco-friendly urban planning policies, improvements in the internal and external tourism sectors, environment-friendly electricity, and public transportation systems.

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Fair Lebanon

Authentic and sustainable national reconciliation, governance systems that counter corruption, elimination of sectarianism, social services, housing subsidies and unemployment insurance, as well as civil laws that ensure social justice and human rights for all.

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Change is tough. But when people like you get involved, it becomes inevitable.

Let’s build a nation.

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        Our History

        The Lebanese National Bloc had a pivotal role in shaping Lebanon’s history and its future.

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