We strive for a Prosperous, Green and Fair Lebanon.


Providing a quality education for all, as well as transparent and fair financial and fiscal policies. Developing output capacities through investments in the oil & gas sector and forming a foreign policy that restores Lebanon's prominence among Arab nations, enabling corporate opportunities and reinforcing economic partnerships with expatriates. Furthermore, developing a defense strategy that builds trust among the Lebanese and asserts the state's prominence.

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Education Work & Economy Financial Policy & Tax System
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Oil & Gas Foreign Policy Defense Policy


Protecting green areas and spaces and thus citizens' health, and preserving the architectural heritage that secures a more humane lifestyle. Developing infrastructure that utilizes clean energy and allocates water resources within a comprehensive plan and treats waste, and further developing eco-tourism.

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Environment Architectural Heritage Culture, Art & Tourism


Strengthening the identity of citizenship among the current and future generations. Achieving equality between women and men, as well as enforcing accountability for politicians. Eliminating political sectarianism and allowing citizens to choose between civil and sectarian personal status laws. Providing healthcare and education for all, asserting the judiciary's independence as well as passing and enforcing all anti-corruption laws.

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The Citizen & Human Being Constitution, Political System & Elections Sectarianism
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Personal Status

Social Justice & Basic Services

Judiciary, Administration & Censorship
Displaced Syrians Crisis