Foreign Policy

First - The status quo:

  1. Lebanon is a founding member of the Arab League and of the United Nations.
  2. Throughout its history, Lebanon has bravely shouldered the consequences of its commitments, often doing so beyond its capacities.
  3. Lebanon's foreign policy has been linked to choices made by sectarian parties that are financially tied to regional interests, disregarding the state’s political and economic interests.
  4. The division of sectarian parties over regional conflicts, and unilateral decisions taken by some to meddle in them, pose a threat to internal immunity and to the Lebanese state’s credibility in international relations.

Second - The principles:

  1. Given that the Lebanese people have trust in justice and righteousness, Lebanon is in solidarity, without any reservation, with the Palestinian cause. The Lebanese National Bloc Party has confirmed its position by continuously supporting the Palestinians who call for the right to return home and for implementing the UN Security Council Resolution 194.

  2. Respecting commitments and abiding by the resolutions of the Arab League and the United Nations.

Third - The vision:

  1. Lebanon stands in solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian people while preserving, at the same time, the Lebanese sovereignty.
  2. Lebanon shall always stand in solidarity with the right holder.
  3. A policy of positive neutrality should be adopted regarding disputes, wars, and conflicts between entities.
  4. Lebanon should restore its developmental role in the surrounding Arab countries as an example for religious and cultural diversity, and for freedom of expression. 
  5. The Syrian Arab Republic is Lebanon’s sole access to its Arab neighbors by land. Therefore, it is necessary to build the best relations with Syria based on full respect for both countries’ sovereignty, especially in terms of border demarcation.

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