The National Bloc: Change is indeed possible… and the fight for accountability has just begun

The Lebanese National Bloc party released the following statement:

The "Lebanese National Bloc" party thanks and congratulates the Lebanese people for exercising their democratic right to vote on Sunday, May 15, challenging the hegemony of sectarian political groups. By exercising the right to choose their representatives and have their voices heard, they preserved what's left of Lebanon's democracy.

The National Bloc extends its heartfelt thanks to the Lebanese diaspora who, despite facing multitude of organizational difficulties, participated extensively in the polls and consequently established their role and constitutional right in decision-making in their home country. Certainly, efforts should be exerted to facilitate the voting process abroad in the future.

The “Bloc” also congratulates the newly elected deputies, who have common goals, on reserving a seat in the parliament at a time of great change.

Today is a day of great hope for Lebanon. A day of hope because it opens a new chapter in the political history of the country, as the change we dreamt of has finally become a tangible reality.

Because the process of holding the political class accountable has begun. Because accountability is a condition for reforms. And because reforms are a condition to lead Lebanon out of the crisis, building a new economy, and restoring the state. The outcomes of the polls may not fulfill our ambitions, but this is a very good start.

It is certain that a large "bloc of change and reformists" held enough seats to have an unprecedented impact on the country's political game, and is decisive in the path of defending people's rights. A bloc, we hope, will be united on implementing the necessary reforms to overcome the economic collapse.

The Lebanese people proved by their election that they are not only a group of divided coexisting sects, but rather people with a unique and common identity capable of uniting to realize a democratic, sovereign State, open to the outside world for the sake of progress and prosperity. An identity whose title is a renewed commitment to struggle for freedom and dignity despite the complex and multifaceted crises that unfold at a social, political, economic levels.

We also thank the supporters of the "National Bloc" for your confidence and contribution to this electoral battle, and renew our commitment to remain by your side fully and faithfully.

Finally, we congratulate all the "National Bloc" candidates namely Gistelle Semaan, Iman Tabbara, Michel Helou, Camille Mourani, and Wajdi Tabet for achieving honorable results and for fighting clean and principled battles that establish a new political practice never seen before.

The journey to save the country and stop the collapse could be long and arduous, so let us all rise to the level of responsibility.


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