National Bloc: Salary increases are a continuation of the patchwork approach

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The government's decision to increase the salaries for employees in certain public sectors only and to make payments in US dollars continues the "patchwork" approach adopted by the caretaker government. Just as the salary scale was approved in 2017 without any scientific study, Najib Mikati's government just agreed to increase salaries and wages outside of the budget without considering funding sources.
Where will the funds for these increases come from? From what remains of the mandatory reserve at the Central Bank? Or, as usual, from printing Lebanese currency, which only increases inflation? Or maybe from a new increase in taxes and fees on the legitimate economy that will further weaken it compared to the illegitimate economy?
Reconsidering the salaries and wages of the public sector is necessary after the collapse, especially to keep the remaining competent employees in the administration. However, it should be accompanied by a complete restructuring of the public sector to cleanse it of corruption, reduce its size, modernize it, and most importantly, accompany it with a complete economic recovery plan. This plan should prioritize reform and economic growth, which alone can restart the economy's wheel and secure organic financial resources for the Lebanese state.

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