National Bloc: We Condemn the Kidnapping of Sleiman and Stand in Solidarity with the People of Jbeil District

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The National Bloc condemns the kidnapping of the Lebanese Forces' coordinator in Jbeil, Pascal Sleiman, in the town of Haqel Jbeil last night. We urge the Lebanese State and its agencies to swiftly uncover his whereabouts and ensure his safe return to his family.
The Bloc expresses its full solidarity with his family, the esteemed residents of Jbeil District, and its social and political figures, especially the Lebanese Forces and its Jbeil coordination.
The Bloc also reiterates its warning that the current security laxity is a direct result of the State's absence, the undermining of its authority, and the prevalence of illegitimate arms. This situation has been exacerbated recently by the emergence of armed factions within various Lebanese parties under assorted pretexts.

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