Axes of Work

In order to translate the Party's vision in practice and on the field, six axes have been developed, representing a roadmap to reach the following:


A cohesive, egalitarian, diverse and dynamic society.

  • The citizen: All Lebanese citizens, residents, and visitors have equal rights and civic duties
  • The community: Communities are cohesive and share a unified core of values that embrace diversity
  • The diaspora: The Lebanese diaspora enjoys full representation rights and invests in the productive national economy
  • Fundamental rights: Fundamental rights and freedoms are the heart of Lebanon’s democracy


A clean, preserved and resilient environment.

  • Natural environment: Lebanon’s natural assets are preserved, rehabilitated, and cater for the health of the Lebanese people
  • Natural resources: Lebanon’s Natural Resources are exploited in a sustainable way
  • Urban environment: The Urban Environment of Lebanon’s cities, towns and villages is livable, resilient and caters for the Lebanese people wellbeing
  • Mobility and transportation: Mobility is seamless and clean within Lebanese cities and between them, heavily relying on an efficient public transportation network


People-centered, efficient and affordable services.

  • Public utilities: 100% of Lebanese households have access to 24/7 affordable public utilities
  • Health: 100% of Lebanese citizens and residents have access to affordable and high quality health services
  • Education: 100% of children are enrolled in a world class education system
  • Arts & culture: Lebanon is a regional and Mediterranean hub for culture


A prosperous economy that creates jobs for all.

  • Macroeconomic fundamentals: The economy is growing and overcoming its main challenges by switching from a rentier scheme to a productive one
  • Doing business: Doing business in Lebanon is powered by a thriving ecosystem, a trusted regulator and reliable infrastructure
  • Inequalities: Lebanon is an equitable society where inequalities are progressively reduced
  • Strategic sectors: An economy based on thriving and dynamic productive sectors, moving away from its old rentier system


Transparent, responsive and accountable institutions.

  • Separation of powers: Separation of powers is ingrained in Lebanon’s governance
  • Accountability and transparency: Corruption is successfully fought at the top all the way down
  • Elections and representation: All Lebanese citizens are fairly represented at the parliament
  • Rule of law: Laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated


Diplomacy that ensures peace and stability.

  • Local: The Lebanese state guarantees the security of all its citizens, residents and visitors on the entirety of its territory
  • Regional: Lebanon pursues a regional diplomacy that insures peace and stability as well as the integrity of its territory
  • Global: Lebanon is on top of global agenda topics and is an active member of the international community
  • Defense: The Lebanese army alone has the power to protect Lebanon from external military threats and internal terrorist organizations