First - The status quo:

  1. Lebanon's beautiful environment represents a significant part of its wealth.
  2. The environmental situation in Lebanon is tragic given the erosion of green spaces, the widespread water, and air pollution, the expansion of concrete jungles, the spread of quarries, etc. This is the case due to the lack of land arrangement policies and urban planning, the lack of control, and the prevalent corruption. The Lebanese National Bloc Party had called for declaring an environmental state of emergency due to the current and steadily increasing deterioration of these resources.

Second - The principles:

  1. It is essential to preserve the environment to maintain the citizens’ physical health and safety, in addition to its impact on mental health.
  2. Green spaces are locations where the Lebanese people can meet up and have interactions.
  3. Adopting land arrangement and urban planning strategies is paramount.
  4. Preserving the natural heritage gives an added value to tourism and economy.

Third - The vision:

  1. Laws relating to the environment, climate change and natural heritage must be reviewed, further developed and strictly enforced.
  2. The environmental impact of each law or project should be gauged.
  3. Modern materials and technologies that reduce the usage of non-renewable and polluting energy must be adopted.
  4. A modern ministry for climate change and environment must be established.
  5. The number of public parks and natural reserves should be increased.
  6. The laws and texts that govern fishing and hunting should be re-considered, in addition to their enforcement methods.
  7. Afforestation plans should be established and must be accompanied by a follow-up process to address the problem of desertification.

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