Personal Status


First - The status quo:

  1. Implementing the correct personal status laws limits the freedom of belief as enshrined in the Lebanese Constitution.

Second - The principles:

  1. The freedom of conscience is as sacred as the freedom of belief.

Third - The vision:

  1. Enabling freedom of belief by giving citizens the choice between civil and sectarian personal status laws.
  2. The Lebanese state and laws are the main guarantors of the citizens' freedoms and rights. They are also the fundamental components of the natural rights that are prerequisites to Constitution and legislation.
  3. Applying paragraph (e) of the preamble to the Constitution and giving citizens must have the full freedom and expression of their beliefs.
  4. Expediting the vote on amendments to the “Law on the Protection of Women and Family Members from Domestic Violence”, as well as enforcing all laws protecting children and women.

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