Displaced Syrians Crisis


First - The status quo:

  1. The burden shouldered by Lebanon and its people because of the large number of displaced Syrians is beyond the country’s capabilities and raises some of the historical fears of a possible demographic change.
  2. The external and regional financing provided for the displaced Syrians in Lebanon does not justify the international community's disavowal of its obligations towards the Syrian crisis.
  3. The lack of planning, mismanagement, and corruption in state departments has contributed to exacerbating the problem.

Second - The principles:

  1. The cause of the displaced Syrians crisis is a humanitarian one, and most of the displaced are victims.
  2. Lebanon is morally committed, in accordance with international laws, to contribute to this cause, within limits not exceeding its capabilities, nor leading to its destabilization.
  3. A scientific socio-economic approach should be adopted in order to solve the problem of displaced people.

Third - The vision:

  1. A systematic timetabled plan should be drawn to help the displaced people return to Syria’s safe areas.
  2. A plan aimed at regulating the employment of the displaced people and foreign workforce should be put in place, in accordance with Lebanon’s economy.
  3. Putting an end to inhumane practices such as unjustified curfews, leasing inappropriate housing, the establishment of camps that do not meet safety standards and children’s exploitation.

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