Defense Policy


First - The status quo:

  1. The Lebanese state’s helplessness and disintegration during the war have compelled the Lebanese people to organize armed resistance forces outside the state authority to deter occupations and defeat them by force of arms. Their martyrs are the martyrs of all Lebanon.
  2. Lebanon was and remains subject to external aggression and in a state of war with Israel. The Lebanese National Bloc party was the first to warn against the Israeli threat to Lebanon and the region, whether by proposing a decision that was issued by the Parliament on July 25th, 1944, or by continuously voicing concerns over the Israeli greed on Lebanese waters, in addition to the party’s call for making projects on the Hasbani River, its call on Lebanon to adhere to the 1949 Armistice Agreement, and its persistent keenness on being the last Arab country to make peace with Israel, which was confirmed by the party’s rejection of the May 17 agreement.
  3. Lebanon is under a security threat due to the spread of chaos and violence in the neighboring Arab countries.

Second - The principles:

  1. Anyone who attacks Lebanon’s territory or sovereignty is considered as an enemy.
  2. The Lebanese people are guardians of their land and dignity. Every Lebanese citizen has the right and duty to join the ranks of the Lebanese army when needed.
  3. The Lebanese army which takes orders from the elected political authority is the only one authorized to defend the homeland, possess weapons and protect the borders. The party had previously rejected the 1969 Cairo Agreement which authorized Palestinian commando operations in southern Lebanon, given that it undermines Lebanon's sovereignty, as evidenced by the facts that followed, leading to the outbreak of the Lebanese war in 1975.
  4. The existence of the state with all its institutions and especially the Lebanese army which has proved its efficiency and spirit of sacrifice obviates the need for the Lebanese - be it, individuals or groups - to protect the borders.
  5. When it comes to financing the army, Lebanon should not rely on donations from foreign countries to equip its troops with weapons. However, we extend our thanks to the countries that have supported the Lebanese army since its establishment.

Third - The vision:

  1. The Lebanese army should be the sole authority entitled to defend the nation and possess weapons. Hence, a timetabled plan should be laid down to enroll militants and their weapons in the army.
  2. The reasons for the lack of trust amongst the Lebanese must be addressed because, without it, Lebanon cannot rise back.
  3. The rule of law must be enforced by backing the army and all legitimate security forces and not interfering in their tasks and structure, but also by granting them the needed authority to carry out their tasks while avoiding favoritism and clientelism.
  4. At the end of the school cycle, each student shall participate, for a one-month period, in a social or military service program, in which he/ she shall enroll again every year during his /her studies at university or technical college.

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