The Belgian Ambassador visits the "National Bloc" in Gemmayzeh

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The Secretary-General of the National Bloc, Michel Helou, and the Head of Political Relations in the Executive Committee, Camille Mourany, welcomed the Ambassador of Belgium to Lebanon, Koen Vervaeke, at the National Bloc headquarters, where they tackled the general situation and local and regional political developments.

Vervaeke emphasized hope for the future and the role of youth in bearing the responsibility of saving the country from its ordeal.

For his part, Helou provided an overview of the history of the "Bloc" since its establishment, through all the historical stages it has witnessed, up to the relaunch and the October 17 uprising.

He stressed the role of Belgium and the European Union in helping Lebanon out of its economic crisis and restoring its sovereignty.

In his turn, Mourani explained the "Bloc's" approach to the Syrian refugee file, blaming the Lebanese authorities for their negligence in devising a plan that balances the supreme national interest and the rights of the refugees. He also called on the European Union to work with all concerned countries, especially those that normalize relations with the Syrian regime, to pressure it for a solution that guarantees a safe return.

The meeting also touched on how to rebuild the Lebanese state and its institutions and respect constitutional entitlements, from presidential, municipal elections. Helou affirmed the "Bloc's" support for the intersection occurring between some parliamentary blocs against the candidate of "Hezbollah" and their allies.