Below are National Bloc's latest updates, along with its political statements, activities and projects.

National Bloc to President Aoun: It’s time to trust your people

The Lebanese National Bloc Party in an open letter to President Michel Aoun stated the following:  In your position as the head of state, you are a trustee of the Constitution, which you have always deemed to be "right".

NB: Rebels against domestic injustice will not tolerate lack of sovereignty

The Lebanese National Bloc party noted that in his speech yesterday, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah spoke of the importance of creating a sovereign government, and that there should be no foreign involvement in Lebanon’s internal economic choices, foreign...

NB: Will a general amnesty serve convicts or the government’s allies?

The Lebanese National Bloc Party noted that a general amnesty is usually done after wars or in situations that require reconciliation to ensure civil peace.  The military war in Lebanon ended in 1990 only to be replaced by another type...

NB: Rift between a rigid government and 21st century rebels

The Lebanese National Bloc Party pointed out that the summoning of former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora before the judiciary, and a lawsuit filed by the Free Patriotic Movement against the demonstrators on the pretext of moral and material damages caused...

NB: A refined revolution by all standards

The National Bloc Party noted that the following four conclusions can be drawn after roads were open without any bloodshed or confrontations between the Lebanese Armed Forces and the demonstrators:

NB: The 3 ways the government will attempt to end the revolution

After the 20th day of the revolutionary movement in Lebanon, the Lebanese National Bloc Party stressed that it was obvious that the government is not willing to change its stance and create a small independent government of able specialists, it...

NB: Do not use road closures as an excuse to silence the uprising

The Lebanese National Bloc Party warned against the use of violence and repression by the government in order to derail the path of the peaceful and civilized revolutionary movement, using the road closings as an excuse for such actions.

NB to the government: Delay in forming an independent government will increase revolution’s momentum

The Lebanese National Bloc Party pointed out that the government has dealt with the popular revolution with an attitude of superiority considering it a temporary surge of anger that will end as suddenly as it started.  What they have ignored,...

NB to the supporters of the FPM: Dismantling current political system is Lebanon’s only salvation

The Lebanese National Bloc Party addressed the supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement in a statement saying:

NB to the parties in power: Demand for an independent government is late, yet a positive step

The national Bloc party noted that some of the political parties in power have started to demand the formation of a minimal independent government comprised of specialists. Although this demand came late, the Bloc asserts that it remains positive regardless...