National Bloc: Surrender power now before being doomed by the worst curse ever

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The real catastrophe is that they feel no shame in maintaining their destructive approach, even at the height of collapse, the death of Lebanese and their oppression, and the determination by the majority of citizens to leave… In this fatal moment, we see the resurgence of the same old story, the Aounist-Lebanese Forces conflict. Are you not ashamed of invoking outdated speeches that are inappropriate with the gravity of this fateful moment that Lebanon is going through. Are you really facing the consequences of the disaster that has struck the Lebanese in general, and the residents of Achrafieh in particular after the August 4 explosion, with this archaic rhetoric?

At the same time, we see the Shiite duo fighting the greatest battle in order to retain the Ministry of Finance. Do you really intend to protect your community from impending death, looming in every corner and threatening their life at any moment, with the Ministry of Finance? Do you really intend, through this same ministerial portfolio, to protect the residents of Beirut’s southern suburb, Dahiyeh, from the carcinogenic smoke that billowed above their houses yesterday after the fire broke out at the port?

After the renewed disasters that are expected to happen every day under your failed and corrupt state, you can no longer keep lying to people and convincing them that you are their guarantors, and that you are hanging on to your positions to protect them… Protect them of what, if all the disasters hit them under your own rule?!

You even killed your supporters on August 4, and infected them with cancer on September 10; how will they continue to support you.

The fireball is getting bigger and rolling in your direction. Holding on to power will open the gates of hell for you, sooner rather than later. Hence our advice today: Surrender power now before being doomed by the worst curse ever.

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