National Bloc: These are just governmental patches… current system is beyond repair

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement: French President Emmanuel Macron said it very clearly: “What you are dreaming of is non-existent and I am not able to offer it to you.”

Indeed, what the Lebanese are demanding can only be achieved by rolling up their own sleeves. The Lebanese people will not accept to call for any external power, including friendly countries, to fulfill their dreams of a civil, sovereign, and democratic state. This state we are aspiring for cannot be offered, but rather reached by constant struggle until the toppling of this establishment.

However, it is clear that the French president is still giving a chance to the ruling establishment to implement the reforms. He asked for a government supported by the political powers, particularly Hezbollah, after recognizing its pivotal role. By giving a new chance to the parties in power, the French president somehow seemed in line with the American stance, described by the US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker before his arrival in Lebanon.

Accordingly, the National Bloc considers that what we will witness at the hands of the future government, which is derived from the same authority, will only be attempts to patch the problems with limited effect, under the sword of sanctions that the French president waved at them. These patches and other measures could ease the suffering of the citizens.

We say “patches” because we know that this system is beyond repair. It is the brainchild of the corrupted sectarian and clientelist establishment, and is being held hostage by this same establishment. This system will not be able to dismantle the monster from which it originated 30 years ago, even if it intended to do so, which is pure fiction.

Dismantling this monster is only possible with the help of October 17 revolutionaries and August 4 survivors. These Lebanese are the only ones able to turn Lebanon into a civil, sovereign, and independent state, by building a political front that restores the authority constitutionally as a start towards Lebanon’s second centenary.