National Bloc: After the ammonium, do not let them kill you with hatred!!

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Just as the Lebanese have shown solidarity in the face of the 2006 aggression against Lebanon, they should stand in solidarity today in the face of their internal enemies and destructive establishment.

As if killing us with the ammonium nitrate was not enough for them, to launch a new-but-old killing machine they master perfectly, which is the hate speech. They use this lethal weapon every time they feel that their fate is jeopardized, and are firing it out today in every direction. As they did after being alarmed by the danger of October 17 revolution, they are repeating today, following their deliberate massacre committed on August 4, their incitements and provocative actions among Lebanese, because they only prevail by dispersing them.

Today, the parties of the sects are lying to their followers in order to provoke their fears of the “other”, and to bring back the herds to their butchering herder.

No sirs, nobody wants to kill the Shias, displace the Christians, overpower the Sunnis, or subdue the Druze. Your speeches are those that are stirring up this hatred, exploiting people’s anger over the horror of your man-made disaster.

To the citizens we say, turn deaf ears to their hateful rhetoric aiming at disuniting you. Do not allow them anymore to fight by harnessing you, your children, your livelihoods, and your emotions, in order to remain nailed and tied to their chairs.

The union and solidarity of the Lebanese are the source of every power and victory. This is what they demonstrated in 2006, when they confronted the Israeli aggression.

This active solidarity is also needed today to face the internal enemies; the establishment that's destroying humans, constructions, present, and future.

Do not let the hate speech disrupt your wonderful momentum in helping your brothers and sisters in Beirut’s disaster-stricken areas. This promising scene emerging from the center of their devastation is the only means to rebuild Lebanon, and the only way to turn the souls of the victims into a real nation toppling their “jungle”.

Because killers are perfectly aware that the solidarity of Lebanese will defeat them, they will use all available weapons to divide and break you up. Let us unite to root them out, before they root us out of our homeland.

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