Shiite duo seeking ‘third signature’ to ensure disruption and quotas… Christian duo stuck in the past at Mirna Chalouhi

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

In the name of the so-called “Compliance with the National Pact”, the Shiite duo is clinging to the third signature, which ensures it will retain the Finance Ministry portfolio. But in fact, what they claim as being a guarantee to honor the National Pact, is just a guarantee to hold a one-third veto power. The function of holding one-third of ministerial positions is to disrupt the state of law and institutions, and to fully facilitate the role of a State based on quota allocations, clientelism, and sharing of the remaining loots and spoils, on the shreds of this nation.

While the ruling establishment is maintaining its performance, as if the October 17 revolution did not break out, and as if the August 4 disaster did not happen, we see that time remains stalled in the painful past for the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and the Lebanese Forces (LF). This past resurfaced in a scene that we have seen yesterday in the Mirna Chalouhi area, and in similar recurring scenes taking place in the backstreets between the LF and the FPM. As if their leaders are insisting on confining their followers in the past, and opposing any attempt to build a future capable of moving Lebanon from the State of sectarian jungle, to the State of law.

What is this establishment waiting for to recognize its own collapse, as well as the fact that October 17 and August 4, which toppled two governments, are also able to thwart any new attempt to turn back the clock?

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