NB: Ruling parties repeat death game in Khalde… will repeat consultations to name a PM, form again a “governed government”

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement: We were not surprised, but rather expecting, that the parties in power would resort to their gruesome game, the game of death, whenever they deemed necessary to fuel clashes in the street, and this is exactly what happened.This time, they detonated the “nitrate” of their sectarianism in Khalde. As usual, they take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities, play on their fanaticism, and exploit their poverty.

What kind of authority is that; an authority not reluctant to use the lives of citizens to divert attention and distract public opinion?! What kind of authority is that; an authority mobilizing the sectarian rhetoric on innocent blood in a bid to form again a tailor-made government?!

Once again, tomorrow, these parties will try one more time to fool the international community with parliamentary consultations to name a new prime minister. Then, they will over and over again form themselves, instead of the PM-designate, a “governed government.”

As for the free Lebanese, those who were and are still immune to your sectarian contagion, the Lebanese of October 17 and August 4, and the Lebanese who stood in solidarity with the victims of the crimes you committed on August 4, as well as in Khalde and everywhere, they will not give up before reaching a sovereign and independent government. They made up their minds, and what awaits you is worse than what you can imagine.