Below are National Bloc's latest updates, along with its political statements, activities and projects.

National Bloc: Justice and double standards are at opposite ends; corruption and weapons system continues to undermine the state of law

The Lebanese National Bloc Party’s Executive Committee released the following statement:

National Bloc handed Najat Rochdi a letter to Guterres: Support the port explosion investigation; implement the UNCAC; participate in managing 2022 elections

The National Bloc released the following statement:

National Bloc: The regime commits high treason by relinquishing sovereignty over maritime borders

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Opposition parties and forces launched a rescue initiative and called on revolution groups: To form the broadest political front to run in parliamentary elections with unified lists

In a press conference held today at the Lebanese National Bloc Party’s headquarters, opposition parties and forces announced the launch of a rescue initiative to pull Lebanon out of its crisis and to prevent the ruling system from dragging the...

National Bloc: Abandoning Lebanon's natural resources is high treason

The National Bloc released the following statement:

Let’s take to the streets to demand a transitional government now

Faced with the apparent failure of the ruling establishment in forming a government that is ready to rise to the social and economic challenges, we reiterate today our first demand, which is the need to form a transitional government that...

National Bloc responds to campaign of fabrications against it: We support Bkerki's initiative, UN's legitimacy, full sovereignty, free economy...

The National Bloc released the following statement:

National Bloc backs Al-Rai calls to an international conference: To build a civil state extending sovereignty with its legitimate forces

The Lebanese National Bloc Party's Executive Committee issued, after its regular meeting held today, Monday March 1, the following statement:

NB: We support an international conference to protect our consensus and state; we refuse subjecting Lebanon’s sovereignty and interests to foreign axes by sects’ parties

National Bloc released the following statement:

PNO and NB: To form a transitional government to halt political, economic, and financial collapse

A meeting was held today between a delegation from the Popular Nasserist Organization (PNO), led by MP Osama Saad, and the Lebanese National Bloc Party’s Secretary-General Pierre Issa, along with members from the Executive Committee, at the National Bloc headquarters...