National Bloc: After Oct 17 and Aug 4… we say “Get Out” to the sects’ parties; the alternative exists

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement: As if they were trafficking in an underground market. This is how the leaders of the parties in power are acting. They conclude trade deals, compromises, bargains, and barters in forming the Cabinet and dividing governmental seats, portfolios, and quotas.

Despite all what their hands committed against people and buildings in Beirut and Lebanon, they are still betting on staying in power. To this end, their only survival weapon is another “ammonium nitrate,” the nitrate of confessionalism and sectarianism, which they are used to detonate whenever they feel threatened.

The parties-sects are shamelessly scrambling for seats and snatching their share, while they appeared to be completely out of sight, when they were mostly needed.

On August 4, with the exception of the security forces, the quota-based authority was absent from the crime scene, and with all insolence, it denied knowledge of, and responsibility for the explosion and explosives. This authority washed its hands of Beirut’s destruction and the blood of its citizens. It stayed out of the sight of its devastated citizens.

On the other hand, driven by a true love for Beirut and the homeland, where reaching out is invaluable and priceless, we saw flocks of people, the “Great People of Lebanon” and the “Most Honorable People,” rushing from all regions, sects, and ages, lifting debris with their hands, repairing homes with their arms and hearts, distributing aid, and managing the post-disaster moments with intelligence and professionalism. This is the Resistance Army.

These are the real politicians. They are the alternative to an establishment that wants to convince us that it is irreplaceable.

On August 4 earlier this month, and even before that, on October 17 last year, the free Lebanese people proved that they are capable of managing not only people’s affairs, but  Beirut’s affairs as well. Without any doubt, they are capable of leading Lebanon to a brighter future.

As for you, who claim to protect Lebanon and its sects, we have seen you in broad daylight blowing up the heart of Lebanon, and its capital, and killing its citizens of all sects.

October 17 and August 4, along with the groups and parties behind these dates, are the alternative. They are the next independent and sovereign government.

Neither the “nitrate” of your confessionalism, sectarianism, and hatred, nor the dictates of your sponsors will bring you back an authority that has become impossible to restore, post October 17 and August 4.