National Bloc: You destroy Beirut and Lebanon with your corruption then feel irritated by protesters’ anger?!

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Not all those who participated in riots yesterday were infiltrators. Remember that some of the angry rioters had family members or friends who were killed or injured in the explosion of the port warehouse; a warehouse reflecting your corruption. How could they not be angry?!

How could they not be angry if their houses were destroyed and they were left without a roof over their heads? How could they not be angry if they do not find today money to repair their houses or stores, because you stole their money and robbed their savings? How could they not to be angry if they were yesterday working for five thousand Lebanese pounds per hour at the port, before you wiped out the price of their daily bread?!...

How could all Lebanese not be angry after you destroyed their capital, history, and future.

However, this does not mean that some riots were not intentionally initiated to thwart the movement and justify the brutal crackdown that we witnessed live on televisions, and in dozens of images and videos published by activists.

You commit all types of crimes against people, the latest being the crime of the century at the Port of Beirut, where all of you knew about the presence of this devastating danger. Then, you feel irritated by people’s anger in the street?!

You will not get away with it… You will not be able to laugh at the people with elections that will recycle you back in the power.

You began falling one by one. The sovereign and independent government will ultimately be formed, followed by free and fair elections under international monitoring.

As for Beirut that you destroyed, its residents who are still alive, along with all the Lebanese, will make the change happen. “We will carry on with the survivors…”

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