We will be at the demonstrators’ side until the fall of the government

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stressed that “continuing popular pressure” is the main condition to impose change on the parties in power, saying that it would remain by the side of the demonstrators at all times and place until the current government falls.

Below is the complete statement:

Based on the National Bloc’s historic principles, we affirm our commitment to the October 17 revolution, and consider the first step in the process of building a modern civil state by overthrowing all components of the current system of power. This will put Lebanon on the track of political, economic, and social salvation, and it must begin with the formation of an independent sovereign government with exceptional powers.

The current powers, who have lost popular legitimacy because of the revolution, and in a bid to protect themselves, are trying to use their media and security tools to recreate sectarian divisions, divisions among the demonstrators, and breaking the will for change. This is why more coordination and collaboration is needed among the revolutionary forces, while rising above factional, temporal, or ideological considerations.  

The National Bloc, as well as all other forces participating the in the October 17 revolution, is adamant about forming an independent sovereign government with legislative powers as a first step towards full change, and as an entry way to change the legislative authority and implement judicial reform. The Bloc sees that the continuation of popular pressure in all ways possible and in all regions, and with the participation of all forces and groups, is a main condition for affecting change to the current system of power.  

Building bridges between contradicting strata of society against a common enemy, namely the existing corrupt system of power, is the first accomplishment of the October 17 revolution.  The corrupt system of power is making great efforts to infiltrate the unity of the revolution and to disperse its symbols in order to suppress the revolution, therefore, the National Bloc will be at the side of the revolutionaries at all times and in all locations until the goals of change and the fall of the government are attained.

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