Violence in the streets part of a 30 year old internal conspiracy

The Lebanese National Bloc Party asserted its stand against violence while warning of the ruling parties’ latest attempt to pit citizens and security forces against each other.  The National Bloc stated that security forces, once out of uniform, are but citizens who are also victimized by the current government’s corruption in all its manifestations.

According to the National Bloc, it is the ruling parties that are giving the order for the heavily armed security forces to exercise excessive force against demonstrators throwing rocks and fireworks. The security forces are being led to believe that demonstrators are either mercenaries, insurgents, or sectarian and religious agents, a matter that is far from the truth.  There may be a slight minority of demonstrators who fit the description above, and those have been allowed to be there by the sectarian corrupt and conspiring parties in power.

The Bloc reminded of the fact that it has been 90 days since all sectarian and regional barriers have fallen, and since the people have been peacefully demanding an independent sovereign government to save Lebanon from systematic bankruptcy. People’s funds have been seized by the banks, tens of thousands of employees have lost their jobs and face poverty, and still the demonstrators are being asked to sacrifice their dignity and lives at the altar of a new quota government that will only complete the destruction of our Lebanon. The Bloc asserted that this will not happen and that this conspiracy will be thwarted by the revolution.

At the end of its statement, the Bloc called on the parties in power to stop their insistence on the old ways and to begin work on forming an independent sovereign government, which is the only ethical and logical solution to the country’s problems.

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