Uprising is the people’s revolution and not just demonstrations that can be infiltrated

The Lebanese National Bloc Party criticized the sectarian parties and government attempts at infiltrating and changing the path of the revolution stating that “the uprising is the people’s revolution and cannot be summarized with demonstrations and rallies.” In a statement the Bloc considered the uprising as the revolution of all the Lebanese regardless of the authorities’ attempts to hide facts from their supporters.

Below is the complete statement:

In the past week many statements of protest were made that can be only understood in one context: a desperate attempt to turn switch roles from executioner to victim.

First Hezbollah mentioned that internal conflicts and the economic situation were what Israel was betting on, as if making the revolution responsible for those bets. Then we heard statements about Federalism to protect the Christians from aggression. After that we heard from former Prime Ministers about the marginalization of their previous positions, some even complaining about being accused.

When the demonstrations moved to parliament and to the presidential palace, the demonstrators were beaten by government thugs and newly privatized security apparatus. You would think the forts of government officials were under attack from barbaric hordes.

Sirs, this is not what is happening: you are the executioners and the Lebanese people are the victims.

Sirs, honorable and sovereign citizens did not suggest the “Caesar law” nor the “International Monetary Fund”, but it was you who conceded and put the country through 30 years of sectarianism, clientilism, quotas, and corruption.

The failure of the current government to create a convincing economic plan, and the slogan of “Salaata above all consideration”, will make the IMF impose harsh conditions that will impact all the Lebanese.

Sirs, it was your involvement in regional conflicts, with each party being supported by a foreign “godfather”, that opened the doors for the regional sultans and for “Caesar” to undermine Lebanon’s sovereignty.

Sirs, you are the executioners and the Lebanese people are the victims.

The uprising is the “people’s revolution”, and is not limited to demonstrations and rallies that you always try to infiltrate and derail.  It is a revolution of hearts and minds, a revolution for all the Lebanese, and that is a truth you can no longer hide from your supporters.  It is a revolution that goes beyond the streets and is like flowing water that cannot be contained no matter how high the obstacles, and you will never be able to block it.  


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