National Bloc: Unacceptable methods in the arrest of citizens

The Lebanese National Bloc Party condemned the arrest of citizens who publicly criticized Presidend Michel Aoun and Parliament speaker Nabih berry as well as other politicians. Two of the arrestees were senior citizens, and the Bloc denounces this practice regardless of the laws limiting freedom of expression in matters of slander.

In a statement, the National Bloc prioritized establishing the rule of law and respect of citizens’ human rights during arrest, persecution, and trial.  The National Bloc sees that handcuffing Mr. Dawood Mukhaiber and treating him like a common criminal and beating Mr. Adnan Farhat while arresting him, is not only humiliating for these two elderly gentlemen, but is also humiliating for the government.

The Bloc warned that parties/sects are taking advantage of positive sectarian pluralism to serve their leaderships and to gain power by using sectarian rhetoric to incite strife and demagoguery. The Bloc asserted that that the ruling parties should adhere to the values of their respective faiths rather than exploiting the faith of their contingents.

The National Bloc party raised the question to the heads of the ruling parties who were insulted: would it not have been a better choice to accept criticism from the people they serve? The two men that were arrested lived through the periods of the Lebanese war and beyond it, and they were only raising a pained cry as they see their country fall into the abyss before their very eyes.

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