UN Special Coordinator Joanna Wronecka Meets National Bloc’s Leadership: We are committed to increase aid and support the Lebanese economy

The Lebanese National Bloc Party's Secretary-General Pierre Issa and member of the “Council of the Wise” Brigadier Carlos Edde, and members of the "Executive Committee" Naji Abou Khalil, Myriam Sayyah and Frederic Kheir, received Ms. Joanna Wronecka, the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon accompanied by the political consultant Mahasin Rahal, at the party's headquarters in Gemmayzeh.

During the meeting, Wronecka reiterated her commitment to the cause of the Lebanese people and the readiness of the United Nations to provide additional assistance to alleviate human suffering, and also focused on the need to support the economic sector, especially small and medium-sized companies, and highlighted the importance of shifting towards alternative energies.

The meeting also discussed the message addressed by the "National Bloc" to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, requesting that aids must go directly to independent NGOs in the absence of a reform government given its inability to secure these rights, and to ensure that humanitarian assistance immediately protects the rights of those affected.

The "Bloc" stressed the need to provide technical support to investigate Beirut Port explosion. It also underlined the importance of holding the parliamentary elections on time, and providing International observers to protect the democratic process in Lebanon’s election.