National Bloc: To the ruling class; politics is meant to manage people's affairs and not to exploit them

The Lebanese National Bloc party in light of the recent political conflicts that hinder the work of the government and severely affect its productivity, has found it necessary to restate its position on the need to separate contentious issues and the need for government to be fully dedicated to deal with the urgency of its citizens’ living conditions.

The National Bloc, in the wake of the past week’s events that addressed political statutes, imposed compromises, and saw a sharp division on the issue of the displaced Syrian population with no solution in sight (without addressing the more urgent issues of state), finds it necessary to note that the failure to address and complete the fiscal budget, the failure to resolve the garbage crisis, the possible closure of the  Dahr al-Baidar and Tarshish main roads because of structural damage, in addition to the complete indifference on the causes that led the citizen Georges Zreik to commit suicide among other calamities, can only be considered irresponsible and negligent action by those who are in positions of power in the country.

The leaders of the ruling "parties/sects" have forgotten that the goal of politics is service to the people and the management of the people’s affairs rather than the exploitation of their positions at the expense of Lebanese citizens.  That is why the Bloc cannot characterize the work of those “parties/sects” as political and addresses all those who support those “parties/sects” to become more aware if they are concerned with their own interests and the interests of their country.

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