To MP Raad: contribute by supporting demand for an independent government

The Lebanese National Bloc Party disagreed with MP Raad’s statement that if Hezbollah had actively participated in the demonstrations we would be on the verge of civil war. The Bloc said that if Hezbollah had participated from the start it would have responded to the desire of the vast majority of citizens, among them its own supporters and fostering environment.

The Bloc stressed in a statement that Hezbollah supporters and fostering environment have been suffering for the past thirty years from the negative repercussions of the government’s corruption and humiliation, much like the rest of the country’s citizens.

The Bloc asserted that participation in the movement for change from one of the main parties in power does not have to be through demonstrations in the streets, as this might lead to conflict.  Participation, the Bloc stated, could have come in the form of expressing solidarity with the movement, namely with its one and only unifying demand of forming an independent, sovereign government of proficient specialists, a matter that is still possible at this time.

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