To MP Aswad: Hope in changing the system is no joke either

The Lebanese National Bloc party stated that systems in times of great crisis discover that their corruption, even after 30 years of waste and quotas, becomes obvious to their citizens. This taken into consideration, the governing system should either leave giving power to its people, or blatantly hold on to its power.

The Bloc said in a statement that this is what is happening in Lebanon; the representatives of the governing system have been coming face to face with people’s anger when they are seen in public places.  MP Ziad Aswad who was at a restaurant and faced with this anger, seems to be blatantly holding on to his power instead of succumbing to the will of the people, and this in line with the policies of his party.

The Bloc said that MP Ziad Aswad and others in the current governing system consider the uprising as a passing storm and that their efforts should be rewarded by going to fancy restaurants.  They completely disregard the fact that more than 40% of the Lebanese are now living in poverty. Additionally, it seems that those who are helping the impoverished population are seen as suspicious by the state; like the case of Linda Borghol, dubbed as the mother of the poor, who got called in for questioning by the security systems for providing food to demonstrators in Tripoli.

The Bloc concluded its statement by quoting MP Aswad when he said: “No one is allowed to mess with us, the joking is over”. This representative of the people needs a security force to protect him from the people he is supposed to represent: people who are only armed with patriotism, dignity, peacefulness, freedom, hard work, and an ongoing hope of changing the current governing system.  The people are not joking about their demands either.

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