To Hassan Nasrallah: fighting the occupant is a lesser Jihad

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stated that it was not true that those fighting occupation are not the same as those fighting corruption, explaining that corruption and its causes constitute the epitome of human humiliation and slavery. In response to the Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Bloc stated that fighting occupation is a lesser Jihad than fighting corruption. Even though the Bloc shares the “civil war phobia” with Hezbollah, it stressed that the October 17 movement is not an instigator for violence, but rather a tool to get rid of the current ruling system; a system that feeds all the causes of internal fighting.

Below is the full statement:

“Fighting corruption is more difficult than fighting Israel” said Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and he is quite right: fighting any occupant naturally incites a people into action. Occupation is obvious and visible, while corruption is a sly devil that attacks ethics and destroys nations with steady doses of poison.

Fighting the occupant is the lesser Jihad, while fighting corruption is the greater Jihad because it begins with cleansing the soul from sin. Corruption and its causes like sectarianism and quota systems are the epitomes of human enslavement and humiliation, and it is not true that fighting occupation and fighting corruption should be undertaken by different parties.

The political revolution of October 17 is an honorable one, because fighting corruption is a political endeavor, in the noble meaning of politics.  What is shameful is politicizing this revolution for the benefit of internal conflicts between the ruling parties; and act that the revolution has rejected over and over.

Imam Moussa El Sader was right when he stated that popular uprising cannot be successful unless they are non-sectarian in nature. The October uprising was nonsectarian for all those who participated in it and those who supported it.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says that he has “civil war phobia”, and that civil war is the ultimate evil since no good can come from freeing our country from occupation if it is only going to get ripped apart by civil strife.  It is not the October 17th revolution that threatens Lebanon’s civil peace, on the contrary, it is there to rid Lebanon of an old power system that has exhausted the country with its corruption; a system that can only establish its power by making citizens fearful of one another, and that feeds all reasons for internal fighting.

The solution is for this system to step down. Over the past 100 days, the current government has failed to achieve any real initiatives, and remains drowned in its sectarianism, infighting over the Selaata electricity plant, and a hostage to its own quota systems.

An independent, sovereign government with expanded powers should replace the existing system in order to restore faith in Lebanon and save it from completer collapse. The parties in power should then present themselves in the upcoming elections in order to restore their relationships with the Lebanese people.

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