The scene is drawn by the Lebanese on the August 4 anniversary

The "Lebanese National Bloc", "October 17 revolutionary figures" and "Expatriates" released the following statement:

The 4th of August scene was drawn by the Lebanese people alone in commemoration of the anniversary of the Beirut Port explosion. It was also drawn by the families of the victims in their unity, organization and initiative. It was not drawn by parties, sects, or outdated ideologies.

At a time when the perpetrators are still hiding behind their fictitious immunities, the people said their word and dropped the regime's immunity in the street. The people expressed their willingness to resort to confrontation in order to uncover the whole truth of the massive blast that ripped Beirut port and to achieve justice and accountability.

Despite the many obstacles, hundreds of thousands of Lebanese women, men, elderly and children swamped the streets to commemorate the 4th of August. An ominous day that has become indelible in the memory of every Lebanese. Young women and men have also stood up to the repression of the police security system which again resorted to using excessive force to break up the demonstration before the Parliament.

The regime's attempts to infiltrate into the scene were unsuccessful, neither the militia's elements hiding in the alleys nor the security forces that attacked the demonstrators and the peaceful sit-in entitled "Abolition of Immunities" in the Martyrs' Square.

The "Lebanese Forces" attacked demonstrators in multiple locations on the 4th of August, just as similar sectarian parties did before such as "Hezbollah" and "Amal Movement" in Tyre squares, Nabatiyeh and others during the revolution. They are using the same tools of repression, abolition, and insist on drawing regional and tangled sectarian borders.

Our struggle is long for a homeland in which we restore our dignity. The scene of August 4 assured that change is coming, and that building a sovereign, secular and just state is feasible.


The blood shed on the 4th of August will not go in vain. Rather, it is the title of the battle against the sectarian system, corruption and dependency on the outside.

Our struggle will continue.


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