The revolution continues until an independent government is formed

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stressed that the revolution would return with its one and only demand since October 17, 2019: forming of an independent sovereign government with legislative powers.

In a statement, the Bloc said that all of the revolution’s components and stake holders prioritize the formation of an independent government, explaining that there will be no resolution to the economic crisis, no independence of judiciary, no stopping of waste and corruption, no reform, no organization of fair elections, and no resolution of controversial issues among the Lebanese in the shadow of this disruptive system that is built on quotas and sharing of spoils among the sectarian parties. This is a system that has brought Lebanon to the dire situation it is in today.

The Bloc pointed out that it was diligent about a fair democratic process that can be achieved through parliamentary and municipal elections that reflect the Lebanese people’s will for change.  The first condition for these elections is to have independent and nonpartisan management, and to eliminate political spending including foreign alliance funds. Election spending and election campaigning should be organizes within a representative and just law, and objective and strict monitoring of the voting process, conditions that are non-existent at the present time.

The Bloc indicated that the revolution stands on principle, and will not allow the symbols of the corrupt system to infiltrate it in order to polish their images. “All of them means all of them” has always been, and still is the principle that will guarantee the continuity and strength of the movement in face of the current system and all its apparatus, and in face of all its methods of manipulation and intimidation.

The Bloc concluded its statement by stressing that the revolution is continuing in all squares and regions until it fulfills the promise of change it made to the Lebanese people on October 17: to build a country that is fit for all Lebanese and for the generations to come.


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