The "National Bloc" visits “Kataeb Central House"... national principles come first

The Lebanese National Bloc Party's Secretary General Pierre Issa visited the headquarters of the Kataeb party in Saifi at the head of a delegation that was received by the Kataeb party's leader, Sami Gemayel.

The meeting was attended by Naji Abou Khalil, a member of the National Bloc's executive committee, the Secretary-General of the "Kataeb Party" Serge Dagher, Political Bureau member Joelle Bou abboud, Roger Abi Rached and Gemayel's chief of staff Bruno Attieh.

Discussions touched on an array of matters related to the current situation in Lebanon and stressed on the sovereign, national and developmental principles, and emphasized the importance of the opposition parties' activity and their continual movement at all levels.

It is noteworthy to mention that the meeting was an occasion to congratulate the Kataeb Party on the resumption of the Central House activities after it was damaged by the port's massive explosion on August 4.