National Bloc: The Public Prosecutor's statement “acknowledges” the legitimacy of the Iranian people's demands

The National Bloc released the following statement:

Regardless of its credibility and the tools for implementing the decisions it contained, the announcement by the Iranian General Prosecutor on December 4, 2022 to dismantle the "morality police" and to discuss the issue of compulsory veiling, is an indirect and perhaps unintended acknowledgment of the legitimacy of the Iranian people's demands and the profound transformation which Iranian society has witnessed in recent years.

Likewise, “acknowledging” the legitimacy of these demands refutes the claims of an external conspiracy and all theories that were aimed at demonizing the popular demonstrations - which entered their third month - and spread to various regions, affecting a large number of social groups.

This “acknowledgement” also condemns the violence it practiced against its opponents "under the pretext of confronting an external conspiracy," in light of the increasing reports of brutal repression of demonstrators and flagrant violations of human rights.

Turning to Lebanon, the betrayal of the Lebanese people's uprising on October 17th one more time by the Secretary General of "Hezbollah" in his speech on November 11th, contradicts the statements of his authority in Iran yesterday.


Let these statements be an entry point for real reforms and accountability, and most importantly for us in Lebanon, a review by Hezbollah of the excessive violence approach in dealing with the demands of the people, and an exit from the logic of treachery and external conspiracies.

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