The National Bloc’s Committee of Certified Public Accountants: We will confront any postponement of the Association’s elections

The "Committee of Certified Public Accountants " in the "Lebanese National Bloc" party released the following statement:

Given the economic, financial and monetary collapse that Lebanon is witnessing, as result of the malpractices of a failed state, a state engulfed by corruption, a state that squandered public and depositors’ money, the parties and groups of the October 17 Revolution have long demanded that the responsible parties for bankruptcy take the brunt of the losses.

Because the authorities have been procrastinating for months on the forensic audit of “Banque du Liban”, as well as other state’s administrations and councils, the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants has the required capabilities to carry out the accounting audit into the squandered state resources and uncover those responsible of stealing public money and people's savings.

In reality, the ruling parties in power are seeking, as usual, to obstruct every attempt that would uncover the source of squandering and endemic corruption committed during the thirty-year rule. From this perspective, these floundering parties have begun to weave a scheme from behind the scenes to postpone the elections for the Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Today, these parties are trying to nip democracy in the bud to prevent independent parties and forces from reaching the decision-making circle in the Association. Therefore, the committee of the Certified Public Accountants of the Lebanese National Bloc rejects the country's ruling political parties’ attempt to postpone the upcoming Association’s election

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