The National Bloc on the Statement of the Human Rights Council: A First Step towards International Justice

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The joint statement of the Human Rights Council in the United Nations, released today on March 7th, 2023, and signed by more than 30 countries, constitutes a first step towards international justice and is a direct result of the obstruction of local investigation into the Beirut port explosion occurring since December 2021.

This joint statement by member states obligates us, as political and societal forces, to continue our political and diplomatic work alongside the families of the victims to achieve justice by setting an "International Fact-Finding Mission."

The National Bloc has been committed since the August 4 explosion to pursue justice. After its initiative with the "Change MPs" on September 16th to set an International Fact-Finding Mission, it pursued this diplomatic path alongside the families of the victims, the August 4 Collective, and allied political and societal forces.

Today, resorting to international justice has become an utmost necessity in light of the blatant obstruction of the investigation through the use of force and the violation of the law.

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