The "National Bloc" on the "Lebanese Forces" lawsuit filed against the party: The regime continues to muzzle the opposition

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea filed a lawsuit against the owner and operator of the Lebanese National Bloc’s Facebook page on the backdrop of a post published in early June under the title: “We are currently living in a police state”.

The "National Bloc '' party considers the persistence of the "Lebanese Forces" to resort to the judiciary to resolve political disputes is a remarkable development particularly after its military-style parade in Gemmayzeh. While the National Bloc hopes that other sectarian parties would not follow suit, the Bloc affirms that this case is not based on any legal justification and comes in the context of the regime's continual attempts to muzzle the opposition”.

At a time when the Lebanese have been agonizing and suffering from standing in “Humiliation queues” both at hospitals, pharmacies, gas stations or banks, the reigning political class is desperately defending a dignity that the people and history have stripped them from, sometimes by beating an angry activist in a café, and at other times using public prosecutors and security services to settle their accounts.

The battle for change is a battle of principles that would not be achieved unless the concept of bargains, quotas, despotism and sectarian rhetoric is rejected. This corrupt path does not rid the Lebanese from humiliation or protect them from danger.

The battle for change is to fight sincerely for the independence and sovereignty of the judiciary, which alone guarantees justice for the families of the victims of the devastating explosion that rocked Beirut on August 4.

To oppose the sectarian system of government means that you must fight the battle of change in every election and every arena, not selectively and according to the immediate interests.

Until this is achieved through action, not words, we will remain, like many Lebanese, unified under the slogan "Everyone means all of them - كلن يعني كلن".

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