The National Bloc: “Hezbollah continues to breach Lebanon’s sovereignty

The Lebanese National Bloc party released the following statement:

Hezbollah has again shown flagrant disregard for Lebanon's sovereignty and continues to make its own decisions on behalf of the entire Lebanese people, including the timing of a military operation with unknown results and uncalculated consequences. This time, it will not be rational for Hezbollah’s Secretary General to say, “If only I had known,” to justify his choices.

Does Hezbollah, which is part of the ruling regime and indeed the most powerful party in it, assume that the Lebanese people have confidence in their choices at home and abroad? Doesn’t the party see that the Lebanese people have stripped them of all legitimacy and all that they represent of sectarianism and dependency on the outside? Similar to its internal political and economic choices, Hezbollah's external activities serve the interests of its allies in the region at the expense of Lebanon's welfare.

The defense of Lebanese sovereignty begins first and foremost with the demarcation of the borders. It begins with implementing the constitution and building institutions capable of protecting the people and the land. It begins with granting the decision of peace and war for the Lebanese people as a society represented by its constitutional institutions. 

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