National Bloc: On the anniversary of the departure of Raymond Eddé

On the 19th anniversary of the death of Amid Raymond Eddé, the Lebanese National Bloc Party held a mass at the late Ibrahim Eddeh chapel that was attended by Bloc President Carlos Eddé, Secretary General Pierre Issa, Party Speaker Tamer Khair and members of the Executive Committee.

MP Marwan Hamadeh, Judge Antoine Khair, former Party Secretary-General Jean Hawat, Lebanese Peace Party president Roger Edde, lawyer Paul Kanaan and other political and party representatives were in attendance as well.

On this anniversary, we remember and repeat the famous saying of Raymond Eddé about the Lebanese National Bloc Party: "The party that has never betrayed its people and has never bargained for its homeland." The party affirms its commitment to Raymond Eddé’s sovereign, developmental and social approach, and undertakes to continue the journey and seek to implement its new program to reach a prosperous, green and just Lebanon.