Support the Palestinian people economically or admit to abandoning the cause

The Lebanese National Bloc Party considered that the Security Council’s postponement of a presentation of a resolution to condemn the “Deal of the Century” is the epitome of shame for the international community and the Arabs.

The Palestinian cause is based on the principle of a people’s right to determine its destiny on its own land, a principle that is the building stone of all international conventions.

The Bloc said in a statement that the international community is evading its duty to the Palestinian cause due to American pressure and European and international indifference, and it has sold this cause in exchange for financial ambitions in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

The Bloc affirmed that the Palestinian people remain alone armed with only their attachment to their land. For the sake of modesty support the Palestinian people economically instead of empty rhetoric, otherwise have the courage to admit that you have forsaken this cause.

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