Snowflake - Platform for Change

The snowflake is a community tool for the Lebanese by the Lebanese. Based on the idea that collaboration and diversity are prerequisites for a successful initiative, it caters for all citizens looking for change. Engagement in the Snowflake is cause-driven in accordance with the following segregation: 


Thematic: the thematical blocs motivate, engage, inform and qualify citizens interested in themes related to public affairs. Citizens organize autonomously, and collectively propose impact-driven initiatives in these themes.

Sectoral: the sectoral blocs address sectoral issues of various professional specializations: doctors, lawyers, farmers, engineers, communication and media specialists, etc.  Issues addressed are related to the organization or other specific questions of the sector. Sectoral blocs also provide support to the thematic and/or regional blocs in their projects. 

Regional: the regional blocs work to improve local and regional areas, and aim at increasing the level of cooperation within a given community as well as with other regions. 


Together, through the platform, we will build a prosperous, green and fair Lebanon.

Main Thematic Blocs:

Public Liberty & Human Rights | حريات عامة و حقوق الإنسان

Environment & Sustainable Development | البيئة والتنمية المستدامة

Social Justice | العدالة الإجتماعية

Politics & Governance | السياسة والحوكمة

Development & Economy | العمل والإقتصاد

Foreign Policy | السياسة الخارجية

Education, Culture & Art | التعليم، الثقافة والفن

Financial | المالية

Defense | الدفاع


Sector-Based Blocs:

Media and Communication Bloc | كتلة التواصل والإعلام

Engineers Bloc | كتلة الهندسة


Region-Based Blocs:

Beirut Bloc | كتلة بيروت

Keserwan Bloc | كتلة كسروان

Tripoli Bloc | كتلة طرابلس

Saida Bloc | كتلة صيدا

Paris Bloc | كتلة باريس

UAE Bloc | كتلة الامارات