Public Liberty & Human Rights | حريات عامة و حقوق الإنسان |

Committee Leader: Karl El Khoury

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About the committee

Instilling and disseminating citizenship through equality and justice, eliminating political sectarianism, seeking a genuine national reconciliation and curbing any human rights violation.

  • Confessionalism
  • Civil state
  • Citizenship
  • Freedom of choice/speech/association
  • Gender equality
  • Personal status
  • National Reconciliation
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Committee Leaders

Karl El Khoury
Karl El Khoury

Committee Members

Anita Bassil
Myrna Panayot
Ziad Haddara
Manal Issa
Stephanie Hamoush
Carla Yared
Olga Joelle Feghali
Tracy Nehme

Committee Events

No events yet

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