National Bloc: Sectarian parties are not in the position to offer treatment to the ills they have inflicted on Lebanon

In light of the Parliament and Prime minister recognizing political favoritism and warning about Lebanon’s economic collapse, the Lebanese National Bloc Party feels the necessity to state that it was they, along with the parties/sects, and the ruling political powers, in general, that should be held responsible for the deteriorating situation in the country.  The Bloc pointed out that none of the aforementioned are in a position to offer treatment to the ills they have inflicted on Lebanon.  

In its statement, the National Bloc Party warned that delays in the discussion of the national budget reek of political favoritism and corruption. The Bloc reiterated its fear that the mismanagement of public affairs and the harsh policies being discussed will only bring harmful results to the Lebanese citizens.

The party stressed the need to adopt the measures that were mentioned in previous statements, an example of which being the reduction of the budget deficit by lowering interest on the national debt by half a point annually. The Bloc called on Lebanese citizens to reject any tax laws that affect the middle and poor classes, laws that protect the capitalists and their political partners and allies.

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