Ruining the peacefulness of the revolution a manifestation government’s struggle

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stated that Sunday night’s events when the government unleashed the parliament police, supporters of the ruling parties, and sectarian infiltrators in violent altercations with the demonstrators was with the intent to ruin the peacefulness of the revolution. This would be the “field expression” of the struggle and confusion that the current ruling parties are living.

In a statement, the Bloc considered that all the statements made by either the parties in power, their partners or adversaries, by those who support the designation of Prime Minister Saad El Hariri, and by those with or against participation in the government, have clear explanations and they are:

- The government is only concerned with rebuilding itself, and is not concerned with the difficult economic and living conditions in the country.

- The government’s rebuilding is impossible due to the irreparable rifts between the governing parties.

-Designating Prime Minister Hariri will not lead to forming a government in any shape or form.  The idea of a “Technocrat” government under his leadership is rejected by his “partners-opponents”. On the other hand, a “Techno-political” government will only open the door to negotiations among parties who have lost trust with each other, even if to regain power over what is left of the country’s resources.

- The demonstrators and the citizens rejection to these maneuvers has become apparent: the spectators in a concert ejecting ex-Prime Minister Fouad El Sanioura in a very civilized manner shows the depth of the rift between citizens and government, a rift made even deeper by the postponement of the parliamentary consultations.

-Even in the case where the current ruling parties are able to figuratively overcome their conflicts and create a “last chance” government, it will not be able to create any positive changes in face of the extent of the challenges on one hand, and the lack of trust in the current parties and their ability to create viable rescue plans from the part of financing parties on the other hand.

In this context, the Bloc noted that the current government since the beginning of the demonstrations on October 17, has only been able to issue a fragile and unscientific list of reforms, and has only been begging for foreign aid (a humiliating effort that undermines Lebanon’s sovereignty).

The Bloc indicated that it was important to question the statement of MP Mohammad Raad (a member of the most prominent pillars of the current government, Hezbollah), in which he said “it does not matter if the new government is political or technocratic. We do not care who the Prime Minister is, what we care about is seeing the plans, plans that are tied to how much this official responds to American requests.”

In conclusion of its statement, the Bloc asked why not accept an independent, sovereign government of skilled specialists who can create a rescue plan? Why not accept a government who does not answer to any American or other requests? The demonstrators have been demanding such a government and will never give up the sovereignty of Lebanon, additionally they will remain vigilant against all other solutions.

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