Revolutionaries demand not meeting the prosecutors of the revolution

The Lebanese National Bloc Party called on designated Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab, during the period of government formation, to refrain from meeting with people who claim, without any right, to be part of the revolutionary movement. This is if he really wants to respond to the demands of the revolution as he had stated.

In a statement, the Bloc noted that “Annahar” newspaper in today’s edition published the detailed demands of the movement.  The designated Prime Minister can consult this list, which has as a priority the forming of an independent government of specialists.  The Bloc stressed that the demands were conveyed to President Michel Aoun more than a month ago after having been repeated by all demonstrators since October 17, and yet the current government is still wondering what the demands are!

The Bloc addressed the current government saying that refuting those demands will be nothing less than catastrophic, especially since the revolutionary movement refuses the return of the current governing forces that have bankrupt the state over the past 30 years.

The Bloc stated that the figures shared by economic experts, donor countries, and international funds on the size of economic losses and the increase in the poverty rate in Lebanon that touches 50% of the citizens, require a government that people trust on the one hand, and on the other hand that the government is composed of proficient professionals who are independent in their opinions from any factional, sectarian, or any dictates quotas, two conditions that are not available for any of the parties in the current government.

In a related issue, the Bloc asserted that the current government, in case it comes back to power, will only receive marginal aid from donors and with humiliating conditions on the expense of Lebanon’s sovereignty.

In conclusion of its statement, the Bloc pointed out that those who oppose the designation of Dr. Diab from a sectarian rather than patriotic point of view, are doing so with the same motivations as those of the hoodlums who attacked demonstrations.  To all of those the Bloc says: you are the first victims of this system, and this revolution’s essence and philosophy is for your sake and for the sake of all citizens without discrimination.

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