Revolution only concerned with solutions not reviving 8 and 14 March allegiances

The Lebanese National Bloc Party noted that former Prime Minister Saad El Hariri in the speech he made at the commemoration of his father’s assassination, and in the presence of his “14 March” allies, did nothing but throw the responsibility of wasting public funds on the “8 March” movement and its allies. He got a timely response from his political opponents and both parties tried to claim innocence from nepotism, corruption, quotas, and waste.

In a statement, the Bloc said that secretary general of the “Future Movement” Ahmad Hariri brought up sectarian strife while talking about the Arab identity as “the true Islamic identity”, only to be answered by the building of a memorial to Major General Qassem Soleimani on the southern Lebanese border. The Bloc stated that it would have been more beneficial to build a memorial for the “unknown resistance fighter” to commemorate the thousands of Lebanese fighters and citizens who fell in defense of Lebanon.

The Bloc also mentioned the “Free Patriotic Movement’s” preparations for a demonstration at the central bank in objection to its financial policies. These objections were never brought out before, at a time when those same financial policies were supporting them at the time they had executive power in the country and led to a budget deficit and a failed state.

In conclusion of its statement the Bloc stressed that all that was discussed is not related to the revolution in any way: the revolution is only concerned with finding political and economic solutions, and in monitoring the performance of the government and confronting it whenever a decision is made that may exacerbate the current crisis. The revolution is not concerned with reviving allegiance to either the “8 or 14 March” movements, revolution is a state of mind that cannot be suppressed or distracted with side battles.

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