Rebels will not fall for the pact or for sectarian reactions

The Lebanese National Bloc party stressed that losing the charter and forming a one-color government is only a new ruse by the governing parties created to return their representatives to the government with minimal changes in positions, claiming that they are doing that to avoid sedition and to protect sect rights.

The Bloc asked in a statement whether the parties in power, or those with strong sectarian feeling believe that the missing charter issue could fool the demonstrators and take them back to the time of sectarian and religion division. The Bloc sees that sectarian conflicts will not happen for the following reasons:

  • Most Lebanese citizens are very aware of the dimensions of this hoax that aims to reinstall the same type of system.
  • Lebanese citizens insist on the charter but with a different concept than that of the parties in power. The Lebanese people see that representation of all sects in government should be through people who are independent of political affiliation, competent and sovereign in their decisions, until the sectarian system is absolved. This is in opposition of how it currently is: the strongest in their sects procure representation in government, a system that has proven its failure and brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy.
  • A one-color government does not provoke the demonstrators; what are now called the March 8 and 14 movements, who have run the country at different intervals, are equal in their corruption, quota systems, and nepotism. The only differences between those two movements are their alignments with regional and international “sponsors”. This foreign alignment is a threat to Lebanese sovereignty and is a concept that is refused categorically by the revolution.

The Bloc concluded its statement by noting that the parties in power are still working and planning based on their own interests, and they are still using the same old tactics to subjugate citizens.  The citizens on the other hand have, for the most part, gotten out of their follower and sectarian thinking, and have become aware of the deceptions of the “court” and are now more knowledgeable about their country’s wellbeing than the “Sultans”.

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