Quota and benefits approach continues for expected appointments

The Lebanese National Bloc Party said that what Suleiman Frangieh, president of the “Marada” movement, revealed about the appointments for the governing board of Banque du Liban and the Banking Control Commission by saying “choices will be made based on patronage as is evident in the cancellation of the appointment process” is a stance that other parties in power share.

The Bloc stated that in the time of financial emergency the “quota” approach for the benefit of sectarianism and corruption continues, all at the expense of Lebanon and the Lebanese.

The judiciary appointments are still pending because of the same mentality: the leaders of the “sectarian parties” will not release those appointments before making sure that the investigating judges and prosecutors who are appointed are supporters of those parties.

The Bloc warned that those party leaders continue to have immunity through these appointments after reducing the budgets for all control and auditing bodies. The Bloc sees that the pandemic of corruption will explode and will victimize more people than the Corona pandemic.

In conclusion of its statement, the Bloc said: the parties in power should be aware that the October 17 revolution is alive and well, and by discounting the citizens of the country you give the revolution and additional dose of strength: The day of reckoning is certainly fast approaching.



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