Prime Minister Diab: Only salvation is through an independent government

The Lebanese National Bloc Party noted Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s last statement where he said: “The government’s mechanisms are still shackled by rusty sectarian restrictions, tight corruption chains and heavy weights of partisan thinking, an imbalanced system of management and lack of institutional vision.” The Bloc sees that Diab’s statement is only an assertion that there is no salvation without an independent government that is free of these shackles.

In its own statement, the Bloc said that the Prime Minister is aware of this; on the day of his assignment to form a government and after meeting with President Michel Aoun, he promised citizens that his government would be politically independent to mirror the demands of the revolution that asserted that there was no salvation for Lebanon without such a government.

The Bloc added that Diab in return agreed to form a disguised political government imposed upon him by the parties in power. A government riddled with the ugly manifestations of sectarianism, quota systems, and lack of trust amongst its members.  The Bloc said that the parties in power also imposed an inefficient budget before creating an economic rescue plan despite the fact that the ministerial statement contained a promise to complete such a plan by the end of last month. It goes without saying that the plan should have come before the budget.

The Bloc pointe out the escalating conflicts among the parties in power about the oil and electricity files, and their attempts at stopping the “Supreme Judicial Council’s” from making politically independent judicial appointments. The Bloc stressed that it is widely accepted that an independent judiciary and the rule of law are the mainstays of building a nation.

In conclusion, the Bloc reminded of its solid demand of forming an independent, sovereign government of specialists who are able to earn the people’s trust, unlike the current government as its own Prime Minister Diab described above.

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