PNO and NB: To form a transitional government to halt political, economic, and financial collapse

A meeting was held today between a delegation from the Popular Nasserist Organization (PNO), led by MP Osama Saad, and the Lebanese National Bloc Party’s Secretary-General Pierre Issa, along with members from the Executive Committee, at the National Bloc headquarters in Gemmayzeh.

Participants discussed the necessity of coordinating and strengthening common efforts in response to blatant and increasing assaults on freedoms by authorities using their different means.

They stressed the common political betting on the October 17 revolution that reflects the popular will of Lebanese women and men rejecting the ruling establishment, and consists of a meeting place and a collaboration space towards achieving the desired change. They further reiterated their commitment to defending the revolution's goals, most notably the formation of a transitional government that will put an end to the political, economic, and financial collapse, and stop its catastrophic consequences on social and living conditions of the Lebanese. Other goals include establishing an independent judiciary, restoring the state's stolen money and properties, save it from corruption and clientelism, and preparing for impartial and transparent parliamentary elections in accordance with a new, national, and modern election law.

All this stands in contrast with the current state's absurdism, its failed bets on regional and international compromises, its insistence on following the same approach that will only lead to a full collapse, chaos, and endangering of Lebanon's fate.

The economic and social collapse, as well as the August 4 explosion, are the tragic and bloody evidence on the failure of the sectarian quota-sharing, rentier, and monopoly system, it dependence on external powers, and giving the priority to its own interests at the expense of the Lebanese people's safety and security.

The attendees at the meeting also agreed on the necessity of working out a new political blueprint built on the civil, democratic, sovereign, and fair state that is able to ensure full equality and equal opportunities to all citizens without any distinction. A state that is committed to national solutions to all crises and disagreements, on the basis of an inclusive dialogue between the Lebanese from all political and social trends and affiliations.

It is time for the Lebanese people, based on independence, sovereignty, and justice principles, to restore its right in self-determination, identifying the rescue means, and ensuring freedoms and stability.

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